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Bug#767999: base-files: fails to install with pre-jessie debootstrap

On Wed, Nov 05, 2014 at 11:04:55AM +0100, Holger Levsen wrote:
> On Mittwoch, 5. November 2014, Santiago Vila wrote:
> > Adam Borowski, STOP this insanity!
> > STOP IT!
> It seems to me that you are quite upset about this bug, yet I fail
> to see why, really.

Yes, I am upset, because I've explained too many times already why it
is not a bug in base-files, and why trying to fix it in base-files
would be a complete and ugly hack, and yet people keep filing bugs
about base-files, killing the messenger, so to speak.

> A bug is nothing bad, it's just an id to track things...
> Also, you ignored a quite significant part of Adams mail:

I decided to reply in a second email that you can read now.

> So, I'd also propose to revert this in base-files _and_ then also fix it in 
> debootstrao for jessie.

Please tell me what do you mean by "revert". Do you still think that
jenkings discovered this because of a change in base-files?

You should also read the full logs for the other bug. Please do so, really.
Tbe most probably reason for jenkings discovering this now and not
before are the recent changes in *dpkg*. But of course that's just a
trigger, the real bug has always been in debootstrap.

> BTW, I also fail to see why this change in base-files is _needed_ _now_ at 
> all...

What change do you refer?

I have the feeling that you still don't understand the reason why
debootstrap fails. It's not because of recent changes in base-files.

> Not surprisingly, just saying Adams proposal is insane didnt really convince 
> me. OTOH, I too can see the problems pointed out by him...

I'm not calling Adam's proposal insane. His proposal is just wrong.
What I was calling insane is the fact that we are still having this
discussion instead of making a debootstrap upload for stable.


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