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Re: Bug#725714: (re)implement "missing firmware" support through kernel log grepping

Control: retitle -1 (re)implement "missing firmware" support through kernel log grepping
Control: tag -1 patch pending

Petter Reinholdtsen <pere@hungry.com> (2014-10-15):
> I've tested the patch just now, and it seem to be working as it
> should

It appears loading firmware seems to work but I can't confirm a whole
install with rtl8192cu since right after "no missing firmware" is
written in syslog I'm getting prompted with a list of modules to pick
from, and explicitly selecting rtl8192cu doesn't change a thing there.

Trying modprobe -r on it leads to a kernel panic with a stacktrace in
the usb stack…

This might be a quirk somewhere in the kvm passthrough code but last
time I played with wpa2 (with firmwares directly included on the
installation image though) everything just worked; this might have to do
with the firmware dance… anyway, that shouldn't prevent us from going

> so I committed it into the hw-detect git repository.

Tagging accordingly, thanks for your work.

I'm not sure why changelog and comments mention kernel + udev. AFAICT
that's a feature that got dropped on the udev side only, so mentioning
only userland (udev) would probably be more precise/correct.

An editorial note: Next time, can you please commit using something like
"debcommit -ae" and edit the commit message? A 230-column wide "summary"
line isn't much useful/readable… Having a (real) summary and a bug
{number,closure} on the first line and the rest below really helps.


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