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Re: Bug#725714: Partial fix using hw-setup for the missing firmware problem in d-i?

[Ben Hutchings]
> Again, this is not a workaround, this is the only fix there will be for
> that bug.  The only thing that may change in the kernel to make this
> easier is that it will do structured logging so in theory you don't need
> to use grep, cut, etc.  In practice, as this is all shell scripts, you
> will probably have to do similar grepping to read the structured log
> information.

I reworded the comment. :)

> dmesg | sed -rn 's/^(\[[^]]*\] )?([^ ]+) [^ ]+: firmware: failed to load ([^ ]+) .*/\2 \3/p' > $fwlist
> This avoids using magic numbers; also we don't have to assume that log
> timestamps are enabled.

Good idea.  Included in the patch.

> Keep the 'in'.

Ah, fixed.

I've tested the patch just now, and it seem to be working as it
should, so I committed it into the hw-detect git repository.

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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