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Bug#764277: Graphical DE task don't install any DE

Hi Steven,

Le 07/10/2014 01:44, Steven Chamberlain a écrit :

There should have been several DEs listed in that menu to choose from;
seems okay to me, or is that choice only shown for Expert-mode installs?

The tasksel screen look like this (from memory) :

[*]Graphical Desktop Environment
[ ]...GNOME
[ ]...Xfce
[ ]...KDE
[ ]...Cinnamon
[ ]...MATE
[ ]...LXDE
[ ]SSH server
[ ]and so on...

I only choose the task « Graphical DE » without explicitly ask for a particular DE, in order to test the default behaviour.
What I expected is :
a) Only GDE is selected by default and it install the default DE choosen
or b) GDE task don't install any DE, but one of the 5 is pre-selected.


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