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Bug#757985: kfreebsd: hang with ENOSPC after a few components are loaded

On 21/08/14 19:53, Cyril Brulebois wrote:
> Out of curiosity: maybe this could have been done for wheezy in order to
> avoid having to tweak the initrd size several times?

At the time of the freeze, the tmpfs code in wheezy kernels contained a
warning that it might not be stable yet, but is removed now.

It was only a few months ago that we discussed tmpfs as a solution to
this problem.  And I personally wouldn't have known enough in 2012 about
how d-i works, to know which directories to use it for.

The initrds still must be sized carefully, to leave enough space for
udebs to be installed in the d-i root, plus some margin of safety, but
not waste so much space that low-memory systems can't use it.  (And
kfreebsd-i386 has some maximum initrd size too).

I looked into this while testing the patch for this bug, and got some
approximate numbers.  They're OK but could do with being shrunk a little
bit now.  I'll open a separate bug for that, I hope sometime next month
is not too late (this change must happen after the number and size of
udebs has stabilised - we do still have more than 10 weeks until freeze

Steven Chamberlain

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