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Bug#757985: kfreebsd: hang with ENOSPC after a few components are loaded

I've finished testing these hypotheses:

On 20/08/14 03:14, Steven Chamberlain wrote:
> I think all we need to do is add the expected-uninstallable packages to
> /var/cache/anna/exclude

That works.  I think on each architecture, any uninstallable udeb
(according to http://d-i.debian.org/edos/#unstable) belongs in the anna
excludes file.  Maybe it could be automated, perhaps determined at
debian-installer build time.

> [...]  Each udeb in our image takes up space
> for the extracted files, but also I suspect _considerable_ space in
> cdebconf data.  Addressing this may already fix the ENOSPC error, [...]

Skipping 21 surplus udebs was not enough.  The biggest problem is indeed
cdebconf templates:

| /var/lib/cdebconf # ls -alS
| -rw-r--r--    1 root     root      10886119 Aug 20 02:28 templates.dat
| -rw-r--r--    1 root     root      10886119 Aug 20 02:27 templates.dat-old

I wonder if -old is really needed in d-i?

There is also a temporary templates.dat-new while it is processing.  So
at its peak, this directory accounts for some 30MiB or more in the d-i
filesystem (in memory).  That's half as big as the whole rest of d-i.

I'm surprised this hasn't caused a problem yet on non-kfreebsd
architectures -- a machine with only just enough memory to support
graphical mode (instead of falling back to lowmem install mode where I
think cdebconf localisation is disabled?).

Anyway, I also tried using a tmpfs for /var/lib/cdebconf.  That works
very well, and seems like the best way we can fix this bug.

It also helped slightly to mount a tmpfs on /var/cache/anna, where udebs
are downloaded to one-at-a-time, before each is extracted then deleted.

Steven Chamberlain

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