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Bug#757985: kfreebsd: hang with ENOSPC after a few components are loaded

On 14/08/14 18:15, Cyril Brulebois wrote:
> [...] If a
> single extra udeb (or udeb size increase, which happens from time to
> time) is going to break kfreebsd-*, it seems to me that their status
> is far too brittle.

The fixed-size d-i initrds had to be carefully sized for kfreebsd wheezy.

We discussed about a year ago the possibility of adding a variable-sized
ramdisk to avoid ENOSPC, for anna/cdebconf in particular.  It may affect
our minimum RAM requirements.

And/or we could maybe lose some unnecessary udebs.  I mentioned
partman-iscsi as an example to start with (I also didn't understand
how/why that was being included in the image at all?) but there are
probably other and larger candidates.

This has a higher priority than the other issues.

Steven Chamberlain

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