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Bug#721093: debootstrap: possibly add clarifying comment about $SECOND_STAGE_ONLY

Package: debootstrap
Version: 1.0.53
Severity: wishlist


turns out that I used debootstrap (via debirf) in a completely wrong
manner: I used a subsequent manual debootstrap invocation with --second-stage,
but I failed to realize at that time
that this should likely be done *within-target* (chroot)
rather than from the outside, in order to be able to successfully locate
suite and arch files within the correct $DEBOOTSTRAP_DIR.

Thus it would be useful to have comment

if [ "$SECOND_STAGE_ONLY" = "true" ]; then
        # Within-target handling - read existing content
        # established there by a prior complete run:
        SUITE=$(cat $DEBOOTSTRAP_DIR/suite)
        ARCH=$(cat $DEBOOTSTRAP_DIR/arch)

added to debootstrap script.

Yeah, I know: docs do contain hints at this handling -
but who reads docs anyway? ;)

Thanks for a very useful package and an impressively clean script,

Andreas Mohr

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