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Re: partman-auto: preseeding a multiboot install

Quoting John Morris (john@zultron.com):

> On the technical side, I'm well-qualified to work on partman.
> Unfortunately there are other aspects that would make it hard for me to
> jump in.  For one, I'm already a Fedora developer with way too many
> packages, ha!  Also, I'm not a Debian developer.  Fedora's process to
> become a developer requires a LOT of busy work, most of which I managed
> to circumvent by demonstrating experience.  Debian's process is probably
> similar.  I've written and currently support .debs (for the LinuxCNC
> community), including a few very challenging ones, but I've only been
> involved with Debian over the last year, and couldn't demonstrate enough
> contributions to the community to qualify for shortcuts.  :)  Also, I
> see a *lot* of bugs against e.g. partman-lvm in the BTS.  Agreeing to
> fix all those would be quite a commitment on top of the developer
> hurdle-jumping process.

Indeed, there is no strict need to be an official Debian developer in
order to contribute to D-I packages.

We have several DDs in what remains of the D-I team in order to do the
build/check/upload step of the work (ahem...."check" as much as
possible, which sometimes sums up to "well, let's be confident in that
change because I have confidence in that guy").

And commit access to the D-I git repo doesn't require to be an
official DD, just having an account on Alioth.

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