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Re: partman-auto: preseeding a multiboot install

Quoting John Morris (john@zultron.com):

> It is painful to overcome the learning curve of d-i, debconf and
> partman, and just about any alternate means of achieving one's goals
> should be considered.  If hacking partman-auto and partman-auto-lvm is
> really the only solution, here's what I did, in broad strokes:

You know, a discussion I was having with Joey Hess at DebConf 13 had
one of its conclusion as this: it is very sad that partman has indeed
no more "real" maintainer. The framework is indeed fairly well robust
as it is in this state for several years and, still, things are mostly
working (except when I break everything by committing an unchecked
patch)....and even allowed some people to plumb in their own pet

But, still, the overall code is mostly unchanged and we have tons of
interesting suggestions piling up in the BTS.....but remaining as they
are: interesting suggestions...:-)

We would definitely welcome someone ready to invest some time
(preferrably in the long term) to enhance the parts that could be
enchanced. Really. But, at the moment, there is nobody who stepped in
for this....

There is some learning curve as you mentioned but, after all, it is
not that huge and all this requires some good understanding of
shell-script programming (and everything related to partitions and filesystems of course).

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