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RE: Tajik Language - Adding support for a new language

Hi Christian,

Here is the Tajik alphabet: АаБбВвГгҒғДдЕеЁёЖжЗзИиӢӣЙйКкҚқЛлМмНнОоПпРрСсТтУуӮӯФфХхҲҳЧчҶҷШшЪъЭэЮюЯя
If text-based installer and ability to render special characters works for Kazakh is should also work for Tajik.
That would be great if the text-based installer will also be available for Tajik language.
As for the console: if commands and apps names will be translated into Tajik they probably can be called from the console or command line - amazing! 


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Quoting Victor Ibragimov (victor.ibragimov@gmail.com):
> Dear Christian,
> Could you please, check which installer is used by Kazakh language:
> text-based or graphical?


> I am just interested if they also use gtk (graphical) since we have 
> similar special characters.

From what the translator told me, Kazakh is possible to render at the console.

It's indeed maybe possible that Tajik can, also.

Jere is the list of characters used by Kazakh, as it was sent by the translator:


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