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Bug#705961: installation-reports: debian-installer does not create an EFI partition by default

Hi Steve,

I am afraid I can not repeat the whole installation. I have copied already all teh files I had in my old computer to the new one, so it would be a mess to repeat the whole process again. I have made an exercise, but I don't think it is very useful. I just repeated the first steps of the installation (with cdnetinst of 20130423) until the step of the partition:

- I started the Linux CD through the UEFI loader
- I got the weird error message of the "prefix" while loading the installer grub (I remember to see this one also during a former installation)
- In the partitions step, I deleted my current Linux partitions and asked the guided partition to propose new partitions. It made just one partition for Linux and one for swap. Then I did not want to commit the changes proposed, so I just left. But I think to remember that in my former installation the program issues a warning after that saying that I have no EFI partitions defined (while actually there is one of ~300 MB in fat32, the Windows one).  

I am sorry I can not go beyond this point. I have the suspicion that the problem may have to do with an HP loader that is what actually use to boot Windows if I do not pass through Linux GRUB. Anyway, if nobody else complains it mens that this was an effect of the failed installation I made with Squeeze before.   You can close the bug, at least from my side.

Thanks a lot for your help.



I believe so. I certainly had that intention, and I don't think the
d-i would have seen the former partitions as EFI if booting in legacy
mode, right?I remember to see that weird message "prefix not found",
but I do not remember in which boot. I am sorry I could nto send this
report before, I would have this information more fresh in my mind.
I hope it helps, but if you do not receive any similar report it may
have to do with the two trials of installation before the succesful
Yes, I think so. If you're prepared to delete your existing Debian
installation and try again from scratch using Wheezy, that's more
likely to work. But I understand if you don't want to spend the time
on that now...!

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