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Bug#705971: debian-installer hangs when tty console in use (console-setup)

Control: tags -1 + unreproducible


Stefano Forli, le Mon 22 Apr 2013 15:02:31 -0700, a écrit :
> It seems that if a TTY console is in use during the installation, the
> whole installation process hangs and can't be recovered (see below).
> It is possible to switch to different tty's, but It is not possible to
> activate other consoles nor kill the one still active (blinking
> cursor, unresponsive).

I couldn't reproduce it. I've tried opening the shell on VT2 and VT3,
then came back to the main menu to answer until base gets installed,
console-setup configured fine. I've also tried to come back to VT2
before console-setup configures, and didn't get a hang. I've tried both
with the graphical installer and the text installer.

> I'm using the Wheezy netinstaller amd64 downloaded on 4/22/2013

I've done my tests using the rc1 netinst image.

How much memory do you have, btw? I've used 1G.


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