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Bug#705971: debian-installer hangs when tty console in use (console-setup)

Package: debian-installer
Version: 20130415
Severity: critical
Tags: installation, wheezy, console-setup

It seems that if a TTY console is in use during the installation, the
whole installation process hangs and can't be recovered (see below).
It is possible to switch to different tty's, but It is not possible to
activate other consoles nor kill the one still active (blinking
cursor, unresponsive).
The log file showed this message, then hungs there for several minutes

[xxx] configuring console-setup...

The only option left was to reboot the system (Ctrl-Alt-Del).
Repeating the installation with no consoles active worked fine.

I'm using the Wheezy netinstaller amd64 downloaded on 4/22/2013

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