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Bug#695500: d-i-n-i: #695500 Works locally at least

Hi all,

I can reliably test that the layout of files in debian-installer-netboot-
images' debian-installer-7.0-netboot-kfreebsd-amd64 is functional locally
using kvm:

$ kvm -m 256 -net nic -net user,bootfile=/grub2pxe,tftp=/usr/lib/debian-installer/images/7.0/kfreebsd-amd64/gtk/

(and s/gtk/text/ of course works too.. )

I think this bug should be reassigned to either debian-installer if that's a
problem of the layout of files within kfreebsd-* netboot, or the respective
PXE servers that fail to work with the layout as it is, but it really appears
to be a configuration problem rather than something fixable on d-i's side.



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