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Re: netcfg questions not asked with priority=critical. HD partition recipe.

Regid Ichira, le Mon 15 Apr 2013 16:15:03 +0300, a écrit :
>             append vga=791 ramdisk_size=10240 root=/dev/rd/0 \
>                    devfs=mount,dall rw auto=true priority=critical \
>                    url=ftp://server/preseed.cfg

Err, so you are using an ftp:provided preseed file?  Then it is
not surprising that the _network_ configuration questions are not
preseeded and you thus have to confirm the values gotten via dhcp,
since the preseed file can not be fetched via ftp before the network is

To be able to preseed network configuration options, you need to pass
that through the kernel parameters or some locally-available file.

> > Are you sure 
> > that preseeding actually works for you?
>   I am sure preseeding actually works for me.  For example, when
> attemting to have a preseeded partition recipe I did get related
> suggestion by the installer.

Yes, but that is asked after network configuration, so the pressed can
have happened.

>   I will try it soon.  I do hope to finally install the machine.

No need to try any more, the explanation is all above.


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