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Bug#704931: chroot_cleanup should not unmount /proc

martin f krafft <madduck@debian.org> (07/04/2013):
> So there is a "dance" being performed for no apparent reason, and
> you prefer to hack a fix into grub-installer rather than to fix the
> root's cause?

d-i is modular, things might be done, then undone; presumably so that
they can be done again later. Not really surprising.

> What if the next d-i component fails, will you hack it too?

If a d-i component have new prerequisites, they need to be fulfilled,
and code might be needed for that. Not really surprising either.

> I can demonstrate how I can break d-i using only the preseed.cfg
> file's interface and you don't consider this serious?


> Attached is the log you wanted. I could not find anything therein.
> The d-i is from the mirrors at
> stable/main/installer-amd64/current/images/netboot downloaded
> yesterday and updated today.

Well, that's how I learned you're booting a squeeze d-i to install
wheezy (along with things like package versions); on a side note, I'm
happy to finally see what I asked for a whole day ago.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure we'll concentrate on releasing a proper d-i
for wheezy, instead of trying to support strange combinations like
yours. Was that ever advertised as a supported combination? If so,


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