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Bug#704931: chroot_cleanup should not unmount /proc

Control: severity -1 normal

martin f krafft <madduck@debian.org> (07/04/2013):
> Package: src:debian-installer-utils
> Severity: serious
> For a reason unknown to me, helpers like in-target and apt-install,
> by way of chroot_setup and chroot_cleanup, might actually cause
> /target/proc to be unmounted. This then breaks grub-install.
> Arguably, commit 795bfde of grub-installer hacks around this
> problem, when actually I don't think there is any reason why
> /target/proc (or /target/sys, etc.) should ever be unmounted before
> it's time to unmount the /target tree.
> In my case, I was experimenting with preseeding when suddenly,
> grub-install failed. The reason was a missing /target/proc.
> Thinking that /target/proc should not have been unmounted, I used
> the console to chdir() to it, thereby causing umount to fail. Here
> is what syslog documented:
> […]
> The version of d-i I am using doesn't have Steve's commit yet, so
> grub-install just fails.

AFAICT you're the only one having such an issue with the mount/umount
dance (it might be suboptimal as far as “performances” are concerned,
but that's certainly not serious); having that issue with
grub-installer, which already got a fix-or-workaround in the
meanwhile, makes me think it's nowhere like a serious bug.

Downgrading accordingly.


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