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Bug#684128: failure to communicate

Quoting ian_bruce@fastmail.net (ian_bruce@fastmail.net):

> If Debian bug report #684128 proves anything, it is that you will never
> convince anyone with technical argument, facts advanced in support of

Sorry, but Debian bug #684128 only proves one thing : that we (the D-I
team) were mostly trying to release an installer for wheezy during the
last 8 months....and that the proposed changes were not judged as
suitable for wheezy....as nobody picked them up.

Nothing proves that the patches you proposed will be ignored *after*
the release of wheezy. Frankly speaking, given the current manpower in
the D-I team, it might need help to get them in, mostly by reminding
us *on time*, and factually, that these patches are here.

D-I has several dozens of components, each with a few dozens of
bugs....several probably with working patches that only need someone
in the team to have enough time and his|her attention focused on them.

I perfectly understand you can be frustrated but, honestly, as of now,
we're focused on the wheezy release, again. Fixing debootstrap has
much more importance than Giga/Gibibytes. Once wheezy is released, I
see no reason for your proposed patch to be "rejected".

But, again, the best way to remind this to us is a simple mail like
"Hello, folks, may I remind you about this patch and proposed fix?
Would you consider it for jessie?". No need for dozens of line of
irony which....being (most of us in the D-I team) non native speakers
of English...we won't even understand..:-)

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