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no kernels found

I'm back again, this time trying to install using the RC1 wheezy installer
to a Dell Inspiron 630m.

It fails for me at the end of installing the base system.  In the syslog,
it shows:

Apr  4 22:41:27 base-installer: info: Found kernels ''
Apr  4 22:41:35 base-installer: error: exiting on error base-installer/kernel/no-kernels-found
Apr  4 22:41:38 main-menu[442]: WARNING **: Configuring 'bootstrap-base' failed with error code 1
Apr  4 22:41:38 main-menu[442]: WARNING **: Menu item 'bootstrap-base' failed.

I've put the install logs here:


Why can't it find the kernel?

- Chris

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