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Re: debootstrap upload dropping InRelease handling ?

Quoting Didier 'OdyX' Raboud (odyx@debian.org):
> Hi -boot, -release and Julien,
> as far as I read the flow of bugs on -boot, debootstrap is still affected by 
> #703889 which really needs fixing for a sane Wheezy. The patches stacked on 
> the debootstrap git repository (which drop the InRelease handling, as was done 
> in apt, attached) look sane to me. I have tested the patched debootstrap in 
> the two usual situations (d-i context, normal context) and it just worked, so 
> I'm in favour of pushing this to sid ASAP: it can't really be worse than now, 
> and we can still fix any breakage afterwards.
> I do volunteer to upload debootstrap "as is on the git repository" to help 
> getting this fixed soon (if that helps); please comment.

I was about to do this last week-end, indeed. Then I very briefly
talked with Julien but he was apparently busy doing other stuff so his
advice wasn't very clear to me (no offense intended, I know about the
hard work done by Julien wrt release).

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