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Re: Proposal to add patches to netcfg (#682737)

On Mon, Oct 29, 2012 at 11:27:24AM +0200, Sorina - Gabriela Sandu wrote:
> Yes, I can do that starting from Thursday, I'll try to bring it to a
> mergeable state and also [hope I will be able to :)] add config for
> ipv6.

That's great! Feel free to ask any questions. Apart from Michael Biebl's
mail there's also this bit from him to consider aswell (paraphrased from
IRC logs): "Auto $foo" isn't the current naming scheme anymore. n-m
currently uses "$essid (auto)" even for the filename, with the auto
being automatically and magically shown translated. One could maybe also
use "(d-i)" or "(install)".

> Other than that,I think that the nm-write* part and the logic for the
> finish-install script should remain the same. For merging, I would go
> with adding the changes manually, somehow seems easier at the moment
> :)

Yeah, trying to merge it was painful. And that was also the better
approach for the large IPv6 patch set where merging was just not really
possible anymore. 

Kind regards
Philipp Kern

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