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Report from the first tests of d-i beta 1 candidate images

Hi -boot/-cd,

Steve prepared candidate images for d-i beta 1, which I've started
testing in virtual machines. Unfortunately the default desktop install
(gnome) seems badly broken. So far, I didn't even manage to get a gdm3
prompt: #681830, #681837, #681855.


So I'll delay d-i beta 1 until those bugs are fixed. That should buy us
some time to try kde/xfce/lxde/server installations, and possibly report
some more bugs. Given the images are going to be re-built at some point,
I think the pointer to the (known broken) images will be kept somewhere
in #debian-boot's topic, to avoid confusion with later builds.

I'm not sure whether we want to use this delay to possibly merge a new
busybox with the s390x fix prepared by Aurélien Jarno.


Given the m-i-t fun lately, I think I'd rather avoid uploading a new d-i
at this point, and just get new images built once the gnome bugs are


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