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Re: [SCM] d-i netcfg repository branch, people/sorina/show_essids, updated. 1.65-150-ga603dff

Quoting Sorina - Gabriela Sandu (sandu.sorina@gmail.com):

> Firstly, I'm sorry for all the troubles caused by this template :)

Don't. :-)

You're obviously doing good job during your GSOC work, this is what counts.

> > As we're currently freezing D-I, please do *not* commit this
> > additionnal template to netcfg trunk...unless you remove the leading
> > "_" that marks it for translation.
> The description does not have a leading _, but perhaps it should.

It should when the change is merged *and* when we'll be out of the
freeze process and when D-I beta is released.

What I need is it to not be reaching the material translators are
working on right now.

I understand all this might be hard to completely understand. The
workflow for localization stuff in D-I is slightly specific. If you're
interested, I'll be happy to take time at DebConf to explain this in
direct rather than by mail.

> > It's not really relevant that it will attempt to connect to it and
> > has a failure path. It is relevant that the installer will keep on using
> > that same wireless network during the install, and that post-install,
> > the system is likely to use a different one, at least when a desktop
> > environment is installed.
> Changed this as well, but won't commit the changes for now.
> Thanks,
> Sorina

Thanks for *your* work.

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