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Bug#679339: debian-installer: ENOSPC on /var after autopartioning with separate partitions

Package: debian-installer
Version: 20120626
Severity: normal

Hi folks,

for a mixed English/French expert install, I picked a 2 GB disc in
VirtualBox, selected automated partitioning, with separate partitions,
on top of unencrypted LVM, if that matters. This resulted in:
| /boot: 230M
| /home: 420M
| /tmp :  28M
| /usr : 590M
| /var : 340M

Even with just “Standard utilities” being selected, the installation
tried to proceed and /var went ENOSPC. Maybe we should have some
countermeasure to prevent from even trying?

(I reckon expert install might mean fewer controls. I would have to
check whether normal installs are also affected. I'd be happy if
somebody tries to reproduce this issue.)


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