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Bug#679339: debian-installer: ENOSPC on /var after autopartioning with separate partitions

There are other bug reports regarding not enough storage.
I am posting a list in case it makes sense to merge with any of this:

#241478 - Should not show the autopartitioning dialog when there is no enough space (even on the entire drive)

#250284 - Should warn when trying to create file system in partitions with inadapted (too small) size

#264903 - Please check size

#265290 - 1.8GB are not enough for / with desktop (autopartition with home)

#282155 - distinguish out-of-space from other installation failures

#356521 - "free space is too small" error should say roughly what the minimum size has to be

#368690 - Should better handle a full partition in the target system

#399686 - debootstrap should fail when there is no more diskspace.

#410735 - installation-report: tasksel should give information about discspace

#435769 - debian-installer: no checking for sufficient disk space

#538348 - pkgsel/tasksel: can no longer determine free space for desktop task

#553482 - installation-reports: confusing error message if partition too small

#579523 - pkgsel - Does not detect ENOSPC errors

#591277 - Minimal size for partitions might be too small

#593545 - Fails on disk space with autopart, sep. /home, too many tasks

#593998 - installation-reports: Guided setup cannot install Desktop as root partition too small

Melhores cumprimentos/Best regards,

Miguel Figueiredo

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