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Bug#679334: debian-installer: at first boot: [warn] about /etc/mtab vs. /proc/mounts

Cyril Brulebois <kibi@debian.org> (28/06/2012):
> this is a very minor glitch, might be in d-i's way of installing
> packages, or a package's installation script might be a bit smarter.
> /lib/init/mount-functions.sh triggers:
> [warn] Creating compatibility symlink from /etc/mtab to /proc/mounts. ... (warning).
> I can't find those strings in sid, so it's presumably fixed already.
> Filing anyway to avoid forgetting about it.

My bad, my host is lagging a bit behind; this affects sid too.

Roger (initscripts maintainer) suggested to create that symlink in d-i:

00:47:39 [ rleigh] KiBi: If the installer (or whatever creates /etc/mtab initially) sets up the symlink then the warning won't be seen.
00:49:05 [ rleigh] IIRC some parts of the installer still parse/write to /etc/mtab, so it might need some tweaking to the d-i code.
00:49:28 [ rleigh] Even then, you could just fix it up at the end of the install (for Linux and kFreeBSD)


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