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Re: Preparation for d-i beta 1

Julien Cristau <jcristau@debian.org> (25/06/2012):
> > Questions:
> >  A. if we build a debian-installer package against the old linux kernel
> >     ABI, and then images with that debian-installer, will the installer
> >     be able to install a kernel with the old ABI to begin with, *and* a
> >     kernel with the new ABI in a few days when it reaches testing? Or
> >     will the images be broken when that happens? (added debian-kernel to
> >     Cc accordingly).
> > 
> The netboot and businesscard at least will be broken, AIUI, because they
> get udebs from the network and those need to match the d-i kernel.  OTOH
> they'll probably be broken by non-ABI-changing kernel changes anyway, so
> maybe that doesn't matter.  For the other images I don't believe there
> should be a problem, as they already include the appropriate module
> udebs and install the final kernel through the linux-image-foo
> metapackages.

Thanks for your feedback.

Here's my current plan:
 - build/upload debian-installer after tonight's britney and following
   dinstall runs.
 - ask the release team to freeze all udeb-producing packages, so that
   we can retain control over what goes in from this point on.
 - check for failures on the buildds, fix them.
 - wait for the kernel to be ready/to migrate to testing.
 - upload a new debian-installer pulling that kernel's udebs.
 - coordinate with debian-cd for images.
 - call for tests.
 - do some steps again if there are big failures.
 - release beta 1 otherwise.

We still need to arrange something about the release announce. Any

 - 1st d-i upload less than 12 hours from now.
 - udeb freeze.
 - 2nd upload when the kernel is ready, hopefully some time next week.


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