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Preparation for d-i beta 1

Hi folks,

as you may know, nobody else stepped up, so I'm volunteering again to
try and get a new debian-installer release out, codenamed « beta 1 ».

I have looked at the packages mentioned on the udeb testing summary
page[1] and I have “urgented” many of them, so that they reach testing
sooner than the required 10 days. My hints file[2] list those, which I
tried to keep under two categories: l10n-only, and other changes
(code/packaging), so that one can easily determine guilty packages if
regressions are found.

 1. http://d-i.debian.org/testing-summary.html
 2. http://release.debian.org/britney/hints/kibi

After tonight's britney run (22:00 UTC), the remaining packages should
 - those who are RC-buggy (e.g. libusb);
 - those with missing builds; mostly because they were uploaded lately,
   and they are not built everywhere yet (e.g. recent l10n updates);
 - a special case for that last category: the linux kernel, with its
   bumped ABI.

 A. if we build a debian-installer package against the old linux kernel
    ABI, and then images with that debian-installer, will the installer
    be able to install a kernel with the old ABI to begin with, *and* a
    kernel with the new ABI in a few days when it reaches testing? Or
    will the images be broken when that happens? (added debian-kernel to
    Cc accordingly).

 B. I'm pondering asking the release team to put back into place the
    “block-udeb” hints, so that one can make sure candidates for testing
    are only allowed into testing after review. The wheezy freeze is
    going to start with a freeze exception for what's in unstable at
    this point, so it looks like retaining some bits of control would be
    nice. Any drawback?

 C. debian-live: do you need to be in the loop for debian-installer
    alpha/beta/rc releases?

If the answer to (A) is OK with old/new kernel, I think I'll prepare a
debian-installer package in the upcoming hours (or days, depending on
the remaining migrations), and perform some tests, then probably ask
debian-cd to prepare some prospective images.

If there's any volunteer which would be kind enough to start building a
wiki page with the changes between alpha 1 and beta 1, that would be
super nice. I'm not sure whether we have nice tools for this, I guess
we would need to find changes involving the initramfs, but also major
changes outside. Pointers welcome.

If you have any comment on the process, any pending changes (you would
like to have in beta 1) left, I'm all ears, but the clock's ticking.


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