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Re: [d-i alpha1 I18N] Untranslated menu entry regarding speech synthesizer

Quoting Holger Wansing (linux@wansing-online.de):
> Hello,
> I noticed that in the main menu the entry 
> "Configure the speech synthesizer voice"
> is always in english, no matter what language I choose.
> Searching the string in the po files for the installer - it's
> not there!
> Was it not marked as translatable?

That string somes from espeakup udeb and it is marked as translatable:

Template: debian-installer/espeakup/title
Type: text
# Main menu item. Please keep below 55 columns
_Description: Configure the speech synthesizer voice

Template: espeakup/voice
Type: string
Description: for internal use

This is indeed the reason for espeakup to be in level 2 (as always
when strings are provided by packages that are not part of the core

Finding why this menu entry is not translated is another
story. espeakup is translated into many languages, including yours 
(from the PO file, you're even the translator, Holger.:-) )

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