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Re: String freeze for Debian Installer

Quoting Julien Cristau (jcristau@debian.org):

> > This is a hack meant to avoid disabling translations just because
> > they're missing *these* strings. In short, a hack meant for languages
> > missing only those to be still calculated as being 100%.
> > 
> You're disabling translations as soon as they're not 100%?

In first two sublevels, yes.

To answer Phil's question: the articifial move to sublevel 6 is a
trick to help my own job in tracking things down *and* a way to give a
lower priority to recently changed strings, particularly when *I* feel
this is time to freeze things down (I think I did enough D-I l10n
releases to perfectly know how hard it is to get final translation

About volatile: I'm still waiting for a proposal to change the
strings, by the way.

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