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String freeze for Debian Installer

Dear D-I developers,

I would like to call for a "string freeze" in Debian Installer
packages. As you may have read elsewhere (mostly through my boring
blog posts), I'm currently fighting for bringing localization back to
completeness for several languages. And this is a very time consuming

Even tough changing one string might seem not very important, it
automatically brings already complete translation down to 99% or
so. And then it makes much more complicated to spot which language got
no update for ages and which one  is indeed "nearly complete and just
broken by last change".

I will consider marking strings eventually changed during such  string
freeze as belonging to a specific "sublevel" of D-I translations,
which we wouldn't require to be complete for languages to be kept in
D-I. For doing this, I need changes to be coordinated with me.

So, in case you consider a change that impacts translatable material,
please do NOT commit it, but coordinate it with me (I think you all
know I'm always easily reachable, though mail is preferred over IRC
despite my constant presence on IRC channels).

Many thanks in advance for helping us (and me) to keep a good quality
localization in Debian Installer.


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