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Re: cdebconf 0.159

Christian PERRIER <bubulle@debian.org> wrote:

>Quoting Regis Boudin (regis@boudin.name):
>> Has anyone had time to look into it ? It would be nice to get
>> confirmation whether I should revert to the original debconf
>> or go ahead and make the "new" ones translatable.
>I'd prefer handling this myself if you don't mind, to coordinate
>updates with translators (see the mail I just wrote about string
>Can you just point me the the version of the *.templates file which
>you're considering so that I can check the final impact on D-I l10n

Yes, I saw your email this morning and thought "it's not going to work". Happy to let you handle it, that was actually my hope :-). I'm mostly interested in knowing whether my approach is sensible or should be reverted. 

You can have look at cdebconf.templates and cdebconf.configuration, this should give you a pretty good idea of what I did (or at least intended to do).
These are actually not part of the udebs, the only one that is is the description for the GTK fronted, though it could probably be moved to cdebconf.templates anyway.

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