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Re: cdebconf 0.159

Hi again,

First 2 races done, I've managed to get some sleep, so I'm back for a
week until I switch to China time...

> > Aren't texts identical to debconf ones? I was thinking so, so I never
> > paid attention to this very strongly.
> > At least they should be similar, so we should reuse debconf
> > translations so that translators do not start from scratch.

> Anyway, if some people could review what I did in cdebconf.config for
> the frontend selection, and tell me whether to go ahead with it, or if I
> should revert the the single static description, that would be great !

Has anyone had time to look into it ? It would be nice to get
confirmation whether I should revert to the original debconf templates,
or go ahead and make the "new" ones translatable.


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