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Bug#666974: Acknowledgement (installs to /dev/sda when grub-installer/bootdev = /dev/sdb)

I realised the code fragments I showed are from master, not the
squeeze branch. However I don't think it makes a difference.
Firstly the code parsing grub-mkdevicemap has not changed.
Secondly even if the condition

	   ([ "$default_bootdev" != '(hd0)' ] && \
	    ! partmap "$default_bootdev" >/dev/null && \
	    ! grub_probe -t fs -d "$default_bootdev" >/dev/null); then

is met, I think that because of the preseeding

	db_fget grub-installer/bootdev seen

$RET will be true so that the code checking where /boot comes from
	if [ "$RET" != true ]; then
		bootfs=$(findfs /boot)
		[ "$bootfs" ] || bootfs="$(findfs /)"
		disk=$(device_to_disk "$bootfs")
		db_set grub-installer/bootdev "$disk"
(which might fix the problem) will never run.

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