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[patch] manual - preseeding appendix


please consider this patch explaining the use of DEBCONF_DEBUG
when debugging a preseeded installation. I found it a helpful tool.
Is this the appropriate location within the manual?
Please cc: me in replies, I am not subscribed.


Index: manual/en/appendix/preseed.xml
--- manual/en/appendix/preseed.xml      (revision 67384)
+++ manual/en/appendix/preseed.xml      (working copy)
@@ -1578,6 +1578,14 @@
 questions that are actually displayed during an installation and not for
 <quote>internal</quote> parameters.
+For more debugging information, use the boot parameter
+This will cause <classname>debconf</classname> to print much more detail
+about the current settings of each variable and about its progress through
+each package's installation scripts.

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