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Bug#666977: [src:tasksel] Please remove dependencies of tasks on tasksel

Source: tasksel
Version: 3.08
Severity: wishlist

This is similar to #413250, making tasks usable without having to install tasksel. Now having packages for tasks is great (although it does make a fair amount of task packages!), as tasks can now be used without using tasksel. But tasks cannot yet be used without *installing* tasksel, as installing these tasks requires the administrator to also install tasksel. For example, task-kde-desktop depends on tasksel.

The only reason task-kde-desktop depends on tasksel is that /usr/share/doc/task-kde-desktop is a symlink to /usr/share/doc/tasksel. This contains tasksel's changelog, README, TODO and copyright. TODO and README are more confusing than helpful for tasks. That leaves the changelog and copyright. Only the changelog has a significant size. These could either be duplicated in all task packages, or a new dependency package could be created (for example, tasks-common or tasksel-common). I wouldn't mind a dependency on tasksel-data if tasksel-data wouldn't depend on tasksel. My problem with this dependency is not tasksel itself, but tasksel's dependency on aptitude.

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