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Bug#656906: win32-loader: [INTL:sr@latin] Serbian Latin templates translation

Package: win32-loader
Severity: wishlist
Tags: patch l10n

-- System Information:
Debian Release: wheezy/sid
  APT prefers testing
  APT policy: (990, 'testing'), (500, 'unstable')
Architecture: amd64 (x86_64)

Kernel: Linux 3.1.0-1-amd64 (SMP w/2 CPU cores)
Locale: LANG=sr_RS.utf8, LC_CTYPE=sr_RS.UTF-8@latin (charmap=UTF-8)
Shell: /bin/sh linked to /bin/dash
# Serbian/Latin messages for win32-loader.
# Copyright (C) 2010 Software in the Public Interest, Inc.
# This file is distributed under the same license as the win32-loader package.
# Janos Guljas <janos@resenje.org>, 2010-2012.
# Karolina Kalic <karolina@resenje.org>, 2010-2012.
msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: win32-loader 0.6.18\n"
"Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: win32-loader@packages.debian.org\n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2011-09-27 13:40+0200\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2012-01-22 20:16+0100\n"
"Last-Translator: Karolina Kalic <karolina@resenje.org>\n"
"Language-Team: Serbian\n"
"Language: \n"
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"

#. translate:
#. This must be a valid string recognised by Nsis.  If your
#. language is not yet supported by Nsis, please translate the
#. missing Nsis part first.
#: win32-loader.sh:36
#: win32-loader.c:39

#. translate:
#. This must be the string used by GNU iconv to represent the charset used
#. by Windows for your language.  If you don't know, check
#. [wine]/tools/wmc/lang.c, or http://www.microsoft.com/globaldev/reference/WinCP.mspx
#. IMPORTANT: In the rest of this file, only the subset of UTF-8 that can be
#. converted to this charset should be used.
#: win32-loader.sh:52
msgid "windows-1252"
msgstr "windows-1251"

#. translate:
#. Charset used by NTLDR in your localised version of Windows XP.  If you
#. don't know, maybe http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Code_page helps.
#: win32-loader.sh:57
msgid "cp437"
msgstr "cp855"

#. translate:
#. The name of your language _in English_ (must be restricted to ascii)
#: win32-loader.sh:67
msgid "English"
msgstr "Serbian"

#. translate:
#. IMPORTANT: only the subset of UTF-8 that can be converted to NTLDR charset
#. (e.g. cp437) should be used in this string.  If you don't know which charset
#. applies, limit yourself to ascii. $target_distro; will be "Debian" and $kernel_name;
#. will be either "GNU/Linux", "GNU/kFreeBSD" or "GNU/Hurd" (in ASCII)
#: win32-loader.sh:82
#, sh-format
msgid "$target_distro $kernel_name - Continue with install process"
msgstr "$target_distro $kernel_name - Nastaviti sa instalacionim procesom"

#. translate:
#. IMPORTANT: only the subset of UTF-8 that can be converted to NTLDR charset
#. (e.g. cp437) should be used in this string.  If you don't know which charset
#. applies, limit yourself to ascii.
#: win32-loader.sh:88
msgid "PXE - Network boot"
msgstr "PXE - Network boot"

#. translate:
#. The nlf file for your language should be found in
#. /usr/share/nsis/Contrib/Language files/
#: win32-loader.c:68
msgid "English.nlf"
msgstr "Serbian.nlf"

#. translate:
#. This is the program name, that appears in the installer windows captions and in the Windows Uninstaller dialog.
#. Ampersands (&) are _forbidden_ in that string.
#: win32-loader.c:75
msgid "Debian-Installer loader"
msgstr "Pokretački program Debian instalera"

#: win32-loader.c:76
msgid "Cannot find win32-loader.ini."
msgstr "Nije pronađen win32-loader.ini."

#: win32-loader.c:77
msgid "win32-loader.ini is incomplete.  Contact the provider of this medium."
msgstr "win32-loader.ini je nepotpun.  Kontaktirajte dobavljača ovog medijuma."

#: win32-loader.c:78
msgid "This program has detected that your keyboard type is \"$0\".  Is this correct?"
msgstr "Ovaj program je pronašao da je tip vaše tastature „$0“. Da li je ovo tačno?"

#: win32-loader.c:79
msgid ""
"Please send a bug report with the following information:\n"
" - Version of Windows.\n"
" - Country settings.\n"
" - Real keyboard type.\n"
" - Detected keyboard type.\n"
"Thank you."
msgstr ""
"Pošaljite bag izveštaj sa sledećim informacijama:\n"
" - Verzija Windows-a.\n"
" - Podešavanja vezana za zemlju.\n"
" - Pravi tip tastature.\n"
" - Pronađeni tip tastature.\n"

#: win32-loader.c:80
msgid "There doesn't seem to be enough free disk space in drive $c.  For a complete desktop install, it is recommended to have at least 3 GB.  If there is already a separate disk or partition for this install, or if you plan to replace Windows completely, you can safely ignore this warning."
msgstr "Nema dovoljno slobodnog mesta na $c disku. Za potpunu desktop instalaciju, preporučeno je najmanje 3 GB.  Možete ignorisati ovo obaveštenje, ako već imate drugi disk ili particiju za instalaciju, ili planirate da u potpunosti zamenite Windows."

#: win32-loader.c:81
msgid "Error: not enough free disk space.  Aborting install."
msgstr "Greška: nedovoljno slobodnok prostora na disku. Prestanak instaliranja."

#: win32-loader.c:82
msgid "This program doesn't support Windows $windows_version yet."
msgstr "Ovaj program ne podržava Windows $windows_version još uvek."

#: win32-loader.c:83
msgid ""
"The system version you're trying to install is designed to run on modern, 64-bit computers.  However, your computer is incapable of running 64-bit programs.\n"
"Use the 32-bit (\"i386\") version, or the Multi-arch version which is able to install either of them.\n"
"This installer will abort now."
msgstr ""
"Sistem koji želite da instalirate je dizajniran da radi na modernim 64-bitnim komjuterima.  Međutim, vaš kompjuter ne može da izvršava 64-bitne programe.\n"
"Koristite 32-bitnu verziju („i386“) ili Multi-arch verziju kojom mogu da se instaliraju obe.\n"
"Instalacija se prekida."

#: win32-loader.c:84
msgid ""
"Your computer is capable of running modern, 64-bit operating systems.  However, the system version you're trying to install is designed to run on older, 32-bit hardware.\n"
"You may still proceed with this install, but in order to take the most advantage of your computer, we recommend that you use the 64-bit (\"amd64\") version instead, or the Multi-arch version which is able to install either of them.\n"
"Would you like to abort now?"
msgstr ""
"Vaš kompjuter može da izvršava 64-bitne programe.  Međutim, sistem koji pokušavate da instalirate je dizajniran da radi na 32-bitnom hardveru.\n"
"Možete nastaviti sa instalacijom, ali da biste iskoristili sve prednosti vašeg kompjutera, preporučujemo vam da koristite 64-bitnu verziju („amd64“), ili Multi-arch verziju kojom možete da instalirate obe.\n"
"Želite li da prekinete instalaciju?"

#. translate:
#. "system partition" and "boot partition" are defined by Microsoft to mean the opposite of what a
#. normal person would expect they mean, so please keep the quotes, and translate them as literally
#. as possible.  Also, I suggest you use the same term used in http://support.microsoft.com/kb/314470
#. if that is available for your language.
#: win32-loader.c:92
msgid "Unable to find \"system partition\", assuming it is the same as the \"boot partition\" ($c)."
msgstr "Nije pronađena „sistemska particija“, pod pretpostavkom da je ista kao „but particija“ ($c)."

#: win32-loader.c:93
#: win32-loader.c:104
msgid "Select install mode:"
msgstr "Izaberite način instaliranja:"

#: win32-loader.c:94
msgid "Normal mode.  Recommended for most users."
msgstr "Normalan način.  Preporučeno za većinu korisnika."

#: win32-loader.c:95
msgid "Expert mode.  Recommended for expert users who want full control of the install process."
msgstr "Ekspertni način.  Preporučeno za napredne korisnike koji žele puno kontrolu nad procesom instaliranja."

#: win32-loader.c:96
msgid "PXE mode: install a PXE loader to allow remote kernel loading."
msgstr "PXE režim: instalirajte PXE pokretački program da omogućite učitavanje kernela."

#: win32-loader.c:97
msgid "Select action:"
msgstr "Izaberite akciju:"

#: win32-loader.c:98
msgid "Begin install on this computer."
msgstr "Počni instalaciju na ovom kompjuteru."

#: win32-loader.c:99
msgid "Repair an installed system (rescue mode)."
msgstr "Popravka instaliranog sistema (mod popravke)."

#: win32-loader.c:100
msgid "Select the kernel:"
msgstr "Izaberite kernel:"

#: win32-loader.c:101
msgid "GNU/Linux"
msgstr "GNU/Linux"

#: win32-loader.c:102
msgid "GNU/kFreeBSD"
msgstr "GNU/kFreeBSD"

#: win32-loader.c:103
msgid "GNU/Hurd"
msgstr "GNU/Hurd"

#: win32-loader.c:105
msgid "Graphical install"
msgstr "Grafičko instaliranje"

#: win32-loader.c:106
msgid "Text install"
msgstr "Tekstualno intaliranje"

#: win32-loader.c:107
#, c-format
msgid "Downloading %s"
msgstr "Preuzimanje %s"

#: win32-loader.c:108
msgid "Connecting ..."
msgstr "Povezivanje..."

#: win32-loader.c:109
msgid "second"
msgstr "sekunda"

#: win32-loader.c:110
msgid "minute"
msgstr "minut"

#: win32-loader.c:111
msgid "hour"
msgstr "sat"

#. translate:
#. This string is appended to "second", "minute" or "hour" to make plurals.
#. I know it's quite unfortunate.  An alternate method for translating NSISdl
#. has been proposed [1] but in the meantime we'll have to cope with this.
#. [1] http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=1656076&group_id=22049&atid=373087
#: win32-loader.c:119
msgid "s"
msgstr " "

#: win32-loader.c:120
#, c-format
msgid "%dkB (%d%%) of %dkB at %d.%01dkB/s"
msgstr "%dkB (%d%%) od %dkB pri %d.%01dkB/s"

#: win32-loader.c:121
#, c-format
msgid " (%d %s%s remaining)"
msgstr " (%d %s%s je preostalo)"

#: win32-loader.c:122
msgid "Select which version of Debian-Installer to use:"
msgstr "Izaberite verziju Debian-Installer-a za upotrebu:"

#: win32-loader.c:123
msgid "Stable release.  This will install Debian \"stable\"."
msgstr "Stabilno izdanje.  Ovo će instalirati Debian „stable“."

#: win32-loader.c:124
msgid "Daily build.  This is the development version of Debian-Installer.  It will install Debian \"testing\" by default, and may be capable of installing \"stable\" or \"unstable\" as well."
msgstr "Dnevno izdanje.  Ovo je razvojna verzija Debian-Installer-a.  Instaliraće Debian „testing“, ali takođe postoji mogućnost insaliranja „stable“ ili „unstable“ verzija."

#. translate:
#. You might want to mention that so-called "known issues" page is only available in English.
#: win32-loader.c:129
msgid "It is recommended that you check for known issues before using a daily build.  Would you like to do that now?"
msgstr "Preporučuje se da pogledate da li postoje poznati problemi pre upotrebe dnevnog izdanja.  Da li želite da proverite sada?"

#: win32-loader.c:130
msgid "Desktop environment:"
msgstr "Desktop okruženje:"

#: win32-loader.c:131
msgid "None"
msgstr "Ništa"

#: win32-loader.c:132
msgid "The following parameters will be used.  Do NOT change any of these unless you know what you're doing."
msgstr "Upotrebiće se sledeći parametri. NE menjajte ništa, osim ako znate šta radite."

#: win32-loader.c:133
msgid "Proxy settings (host:port):"
msgstr "Proxy podešavanja (host:port):"

#: win32-loader.c:134
msgid "Location of boot.ini:"
msgstr "Lokacija boot.ini-a:"

#: win32-loader.c:135
msgid "Base URL for netboot images (linux and initrd.gz):"
msgstr "Osnovni URL za netboot slike (linux i initrd.gz):"

#: win32-loader.c:136
msgid "Error"
msgstr "Greška"

#: win32-loader.c:137
msgid "Error: failed to copy $0 to $1."
msgstr "Greška: neuspelo kopiranje $0 u $1."

#. translate:
#. $0 will be "Release" (it is a filename).
#: win32-loader.c:142
msgid "Checking GPG signature on $0."
msgstr "Proveravanje GPG potpisa na $0."

#. translate:
#. $0 will be "Release" (it is a filename).
#: win32-loader.c:147
msgid "The downloaded $0 file cannot be trusted! Aborting."
msgstr "Preuzetom $0 fajlu se ne može verovati! Prekidanje."

#. translate:
#. This appears in a MessageBox when the md5 checksum verification failed. $0 is a url; $2 is the filename $1 is the
#. computed checksum and $4 is the expected one.
#: win32-loader.c:153
msgid "Checksum mismatch for $0/$2. Got $1 when expecting $4. Aborting."
msgstr "Suma se nije podudarila za $0/$2. Dobijeno je $1 umesto očekivanih $4. Prekidanje."

#. translate:
#. $2 is a filename
#: win32-loader.c:158
msgid "Computing checksum for $2"
msgstr "Računanje sume za  $2"

#: win32-loader.c:159
msgid "Generating $0"
msgstr "Generisanje $0"

#: win32-loader.c:160
msgid "Appending preseeding information to $0"
msgstr "Dodavanje informacija na $0"

#: win32-loader.c:161
msgid "Error: unable to run $0."
msgstr "Greška: nemogućnost pokretanja $0"

#: win32-loader.c:162
msgid "Disabling NTFS compression in bootstrap files"
msgstr "Isključivanje NTFS kompresije u bootstrap fajlovima"

#: win32-loader.c:163
msgid "Registering in NTLDR"
msgstr "Registrovanje u NTLDR"

#: win32-loader.c:164
msgid "Registering in BootMgr"
msgstr "Registrovanje u BootMgr"

#: win32-loader.c:165
msgid "Error: failed to parse bcdedit.exe output."
msgstr "Greška: neuspelo parsiranje bcdedit.exe izlaza."

#: win32-loader.c:166
msgid "Error: $0 not found.  Is this really Windows $windows_version?"
msgstr "Greška: $0 nije pronađen.  Da li je ovo sigurno Windows $windows_version?"

#: win32-loader.c:167
msgid ""
msgstr ""

#. translate:
#. The following two strings are mutualy exclusive.  win32-loader
#. will display one or the other depending on version of Windows.
#. Take into account that either option has to make sense in our
#. current context (i.e. be careful when using pronouns, etc).
#: win32-loader.c:175
msgid ""
"The second stage of this install process will now be started.  After your confirmation, this program will restart Windows in DOS mode, and automatically load the next part of the install process.\\n"
msgstr ""
"Drugi stadijum ovog instalacionog procesa će sada biti pokrenut. Nakon vaše potvrde, ovaj program će restartovati Windows u DOS režimu, i automatski učitati sledeći korak instalacionog procesa.\\n"

#: win32-loader.c:176
msgid ""
"You need to reboot in order to proceed with the install process.  During your next boot, you will be asked whether you want to start Windows or continue with the install process.\\n"
msgstr ""
"Trebate da rebutujete da biste nastavili sa instalacionim procesom.  Tokom vašeg sledećeg pokretanja, bićete pitani da želite da pokrenete Windows ili da nastavite sa instalacionim procesom.\\n"

#: win32-loader.c:177
msgid ""
"During the install process, you will be offered the possibility of either reducing your Windows partition or completely replacing it.  In both cases, it is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that you have previously made a backup of your data.  The authors of this software will NOT take ANY RESPONSIBILITY in the event of data loss.\\n"
"Once your install is complete (and if you have chosen to keep Windows in your disk), you can uninstall this loader through the Windows Add/Remove Programs dialog in Control Panel."
msgstr ""
"Tokom instalcionog procesa, biće vam ponuđena mogućnost da ili smanjite Windows particiju ili da je potpuno zamenite. U oba slučaja, STROGO SE PREPORUČUJE da prethodno napravite duplikat vaših podataka.  Autori ovog softvera NEĆE preuzeti BILO KAKVU ODGOVORNOST u slučaju gubitka podataka.\\n"
"Kada je vaša instalacija gotova (i ako ste izabrali da zadržite Windows na vašem disku), možete da obrišete ovaj pokretački program putem Windows-ovog Add/Remove Programs dijaloga u kontrolnom panelu."

#: win32-loader.c:178
msgid "Do you want to reboot now?"
msgstr "Da li želite da restartujete sad?"

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