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Bug#655841: Please remove Gnash from default Debian install, as it crashes

Joey Hess wrote:
Alexey Eromenko wrote:
Default Debian-6 KDE installs "gnash", an extremely unstable
component, that constantly crashes KDE Konqueror, when user accesses
any flash-enabled website (such as www.amd.com).

Wouldn't that be a bug in konqueror-nsplugins? No plugin should be able to
crash the browser it's running in; at least chromium and I think
firefox/iceweasel deal with crashing plugins.
Plugins conventionally run in-process which allows them to crash the application they run in. Some browsers have started running plugins in seperate processes to reduce the damage caused by crash prone plugins but it's not how the system was originally designed to work and I wouldn't call it a "bug" for a browser not
to do it.

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