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Status update: Testing of Gnash.

Platform: Debian 6.0.3. (only "main" repo)

Test 1 : YouTube

IceWeasel 3.5: WORKS
Google Chromium 6: WORKS
Konqueror: CRASH

Test 2 : Google Finance

IceWeasel 3.5: FAILS (gray rectangle)
Google Chromium 6: FAILS (gray rectangle)
Konqueror: CRASH

Bottom line:
Removing "Gnash" gives at least static data on Google Finance, and
solves konqueror crash, at the expense of YouTube (with IceWeasel and
Removing "konqueror-nsplugins" solves konqueror crash, but does not
solve the Google Finance issues with Gnash.

In essence: We have 2 bugs with "gnash": Konqueror browser and Google
finance incompatibility. "Maturity problems"

-Alexey Eromenko "Technologov"

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