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Bug#648631: debian-installer: check-missing-firmware fails to reload driver

Package: debian-installer
Severity: normal

Today's daily netinst image was put on a USB stick together with a second
partition to hold firmware. The intention was to test installing Debian
over a WPA wireless connection. It turned out to be more interesting than
I had anticipated!

The wireless device is a SpeedTouch 121g Wireless USB Adapter, which uses
the p54usb driver and requires firmware isl3887usb. This combination
works well on a machine running Sid.

'set -x' was added to /bin/ethdetect and /bin/checking-missing-firmware
after loading the installer components. 'Detect network hardware' went
ok (there were no messages about missing firmware) and the next item in
the menu was presented.

Problem: there was no wlan0 interface offered. 'Configure the network'
jumped straight to offering to set up a DHCP connection. The install can
be continued with a wlan0 interface by reloading the p54usb module.

Here are some excepts from the syslog, which is attached to this mail,

The driver is loaded:

  Nov 13 12:51:53 kernel: [  543.914487] usb 1-2: (p54usb) cannot load firmware isl3887usb (-2)!
  Nov 13 12:51:53 kernel: [  543.923108] p54usb: probe of 1-2:1.0 failed with error -2
  Nov 13 12:51:53 kernel: [  543.923151] usbcore: registered new interface driver p54usb

ethdetect finds eth0 but not wlan0. Why, I don't know, but the 'ip set
link ...' lines in check-missing-firmware will not help to load the

  Nov 13 12:52:03 main-menu[265]: (process:4114): + check-missing-firmware eth0

Why does the driver think isl3887usb_bare is required? Firstly, it's not
needed on my Sid machine; secondly, 'modinfo p54usb' doesn't mention it:

  Nov 13 12:51:54 check-missing-firmware: missing firmware files (isl3887usb isl3887usb_bare) for usbcore usbcore

Firmware found:

  Nov 13 12:51:55 check-missing-firmware: copying loose file isl3887usb from '/media' to '/lib/firmware'


  Nov 13 12:52:03 main-menu[265]: (process:4114): + modprobe -r usbcore
  Nov 13 12:52:03 main-menu[265]: (process:4114): FATAL: Module usbcore is in use.

This isn't very healthy! Surely a bug? If p54usb had been modprobed I
most likely wouldn't be writing this report.

The configuring of WPA/WPA2? That went splendidly!

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