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Bug#648567: Wheezy installer : No usb detection on Sheevaplug (marvell armel kirkwood), installer stop with mess "Error while running 'modprobe -v usb-storage'"

* Alain SAURAT <maisondouf@yahoo.fr> [2011-11-13 03:11]:
> The installer has been downloaded from here :
> ftp://ftp.debian.org/debian/dists/wheezy/main/installer-armel/current/images/kirkwood/netboot/marvell/sheevaplug/
> When running installation, just after setting time zone, the
> installer try to detect hardware and stop  with mess "Error while
> running 'modprobe -v usb-storage'".

The installer image above is an old image from January.  Otavio: we
should either ask ftp-master to remove that old 20110106+b1 build
from the wheezy directory, or make an upload of current d-i (or do
both).  Can you take care of this?

Alain: you want to use the so called "daily image", which you can find at

Martin Michlmayr

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