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Bug#648631: debian-installer: check-missing-firmware fails to reload driver

Brian Potkin wrote:
>   Nov 13 12:51:53 kernel: [  543.914487] usb 1-2: (p54usb) cannot load firmware isl3887usb (-2)!
>   Nov 13 12:51:53 kernel: [  543.923108] p54usb: probe of 1-2:1.0 failed with error -2
>   Nov 13 12:51:53 kernel: [  543.923151] usbcore: registered new interface driver p54usb
>   Nov 13 12:51:54 check-missing-firmware: missing firmware files (isl3887usb isl3887usb_bare) for usbcore usbcore
>   Nov 13 12:51:55 check-missing-firmware: copying loose file isl3887usb from '/media' to '/lib/firmware'
>   Nov 13 12:52:03 main-menu[265]: (process:4114): + modprobe -r usbcore
>   Nov 13 12:52:03 main-menu[265]: (process:4114): FATAL: Module usbcore is in use.

It seems that the wrong guess has been made about which module
requested the isl3887usb firmware file.

To debug this, you could instrument /lib/udev/firmware.agent
In particular, see what DEVPATH is set to with a change like this:

--- /lib/udev/firmware.agent	2011-07-22 21:04:16.000000000 -0400
+++ firmware.agent	2011-11-14 12:02:35.958176664 -0400
@@ -24,6 +24,8 @@
 # the firmware was not found
 echo -1 > /sys/$DEVPATH/loading
+echo "$DEVPATH $FIRMWARE" >>/tmp/firmware.log
 RUNDIR=$(udevadm info --run)
 if [ -d "$RUNDIR" ]; then

(Or you can look at lspci and find the DEVPATH by hand, it'll be
in /sys/devices/pci0000:00/ under the device's PCI ID; something like

Then take a look at the $DEVPATH/driver/module symlink. Which module
directory does it point to?

Or, if there's no such symlink, is there a $DEVPATH/modalias file? If so,
what does this output: modprobe --show-depends "$(cat $DEVPATH/modalias)"

see shy jo

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