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Re: setting a hostroute by preseed

Hi Bert,

Am Mittwoch, den 20.07.2011, 13:03 +0100 schrieb Bert Kaempfert:
> > > our  machines are configured to be in rather small subnets. The internet 
> >gateway 
> >
> > > usually is not in the same subnet. The installer doesn't allow  this.
> > > 
> > > Our current approach is to leave the gateway blank, then  switch to the 
> >console 
> >
> > > and manually "route add", first a hostroute to  the gateway, then the 

> I am not to reason why... my job is to install new machines for this setup. Not 
> that many, but enough that I started looking into that whole preseed thing.
> As the installer doesn't support hostroutes, I guess I'll have to run a command 
> to set the routes. The late_command is just the right thing to modify the 
> interfaces file on the target; however, in order to set the hostroute *during* 
> installation I need to run a command immediately after netcfg -- how do I do 
> that?

I think you have to create your own udeb with the mentioned ip-command
and run it just after netcfg.

Have a look at this to find the right menu item number:

further readings:

I would use simple-cdd for creating a custom installation CD.

HTH and best regards
Thorsten Strusch

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