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Re: setting a hostroute during installation

20.07.2011 12:06, Bert Kaempfert wrote:
> Hello,
> our machines are configured to be in rather small subnets. The internet gateway 
> usually is not in the same subnet. The installer doesn't allow this.
> Our current approach is to leave the gateway blank, then switch to the console 
> and manually "route add", first a hostroute to the gateway, then the 
> gayteway itself. After installation, we place two "up route add" lines in the 
> interfaces file.

You can use this command:

 ip route add default via $ip_address dev $interface onlink

but I'm not sure it's supported in d-i -- most likely not.

> Is there a better way?

I think your setup is not right.  Yes it works, and linux allows
you to have more weird setups too -- like pretending that ethernet
is a pointopoint interface like ppp -- by using exactly the same
"device route" mechanism too, but it is not how networks are
designed to function.

It is something like complaining that in order to overclock your
CPU too much you have to open your PC case and move some jumper
on a motherboard - yes the CPU works after that, yes it has enough
protection features to not melt down due to overheating, but it
is not its normal mode of operation.  Maybe not a fair comparison
but it shows an idea.



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