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Re: armel D-I build faillure (orion5x_network-console)

Joey Hess wrote:
>Philipp Kern wrote:
>> This requires a bunch of changes and I'm not aware of all places that need to
>> be fixed to refer to a new daily build location.  But maybe someone else knows
>> and can do it.
>> If I get an machine name of a Debian armel buildd with LVM I can install it
>> there, too.  Otherwise most is explained in [1].
>Thanks, Phil.
>The places I know of are in debian-cd and debian-www, as well as a few
>in d-i of course. Plus literally half a million other places that link
>to ~joeyh/d-i/images. I will have to put up a redirect for a long while..

Update to debian-cd is in svn now.

>I do wonder if, now that there is buildd autosigning, it would make more
>sense to do a source-only upload of debian-installer daily and let it
>autobuild like any package. This would avoid the SPOF of it being on a
>single buildd, and let us use the whole buildd infractrucure for logs,
>etc. Only likely problem I can see is it might be too big a hit on the

\o/ Please let's do this. I've been pushing for d-i to go through the
archive properly for years. We could also then just let the normal
testing scripts handle migration, amongst many other positive things.

Steve McIntyre, Cambridge, UK.                                steve@einval.com
Is there anybody out there?

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