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Re: armel D-I build faillure (orion5x_network-console)

Quoting Martin Michlmayr (tbm@cyrius.com):

> I actually tried to reproduce this problem on my ARM box yesterday and
> couldn't.  Joey, does your build nmachine have very little RAM?  Can
> you try to run mkdns323fw manually to see what's going on?
> (Unfortunately, the TS-209 image later on fails to build because of
> size problems.)

By the way, I use this opportunity to mention that Joey already said a
couple of times he would be happy to drop builds on his machine in
favor of an autobuilder. It probably "just" needs someone with the
required knowledge and access to setup a daily build of D-I on the arm

Is there someone who would be ableto do this among the ARM porters?

PS: we have the same wish for i386 daily builds, actually.

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