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Re: Bits from the Debian Installer Team

Quoting Francis B. Roderick (fb.roderick@yahoo.com):
> Hi Christian,
> First, I am not subscribed to -boot nor do I know what -boot is.  I
> am happy to hear that I may be of service to your team.  As you may
> have surmised from my original correspondence I am new to all things
> Debian, other than being a user, so help with protocol, how to get
> started, what I need to learn, where I need to direct my questions.
> All of those kinds of things will be greatly appreciated, but I
> understand the necessity of one step at a time.
> Again, happy to be with the team, if I should be doing anything now
> to better prepare myself, please advise.

Hi Francis,

-boot was just a short for "debian-boot@lists.debian.org", the address
which you sent your mail to.

This is the mailing list that's used for Debian Installer development
as well as the maintenance of all Debian Installer-related items, such
as the Installation Guide.

Sorry for being too fast in my aanswer...

I think that, if you want to bring help to the Debian Installer team,
being subcribed to that mailing list is a requirement. This can be
done on Debian lists server, aka http://lists.debian.org. The
procesure is quite straightforward, just as it is for most mailing

Please be aware that the mailing list has a an important traffic
(especially when time comes to prepare releases, etc), around 10-20
messages/day. Following the list traffic (even if not understanding
everything) is probably a good way to see how things happened, who is
doing what, etc, etc.

And, of course, in the list, you can ask whatever question you want
about our processes and stuff like this.

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