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Re: Bits from the Debian Installer Team


This is in response to your request for volunteer help. I will give you a brief background and if you feel I can help your team, please advise.

I have been a Linux user for about two years. I am not an advanced user but may possibly fit in the intermediate category. I have dabbled at different programming languages, through the years, but I can not claim proficiency in any. I believe, I possess reasonable writing skills and if you have a need for somebody to help with documents, I would be happy to give it my best. I am a Debian user and I retired recently so I also have the advantage of a flexible schedule. And, while programming remains a hobby if an opportunity existed to learn more, I would not hesitate to jump in.

If you have enough volunteers or if you have a need for people with more technical skills, I truly understand and would take no offense if my limited skill set proves to be inadequate for the tasks at hand. If on the other hand, you do feel I can provide some assistance, please don't hesitate to ask.

Francis B. Roderick

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