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Re: Bits from the Debian Installer Team

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Quoting Francis B. Roderick (fb.roderick@yahoo.com):
> Hi,
> This is in response to your request for volunteer help.  I will give
> you a brief background and if you feel I can help your team, please
> advise.
> I have been a Linux user for about two years.  I am not an advanced
> user but may possibly fit in the intermediate category.  I have
> dabbled at  different programming languages, through the years, but
> I can not claim proficiency in any.  I believe, I possess reasonable
> writing skills and if you have a need for somebody to help with
> documents, I would be happy to give it my best.  I am a Debian user
> and I retired recently so I also have the advantage of a flexible
> schedule.  And, while programming remains a hobby if an opportunity
> existed to learn more, I would not hesitate to jump in.

First of all, thanks for your offer.

I think that help in the maintenance of the Installation Guide would
be deeply appreciated.

It requires:

- a good understanding of how D-I is working
- ability to reproduce the parts of the install that are documented (to check if
the dpocumentation is still accurate)
- good English skills
- a constant monitoring of what's going on about D-I development so
that you can check whether this or that new feature needs
documentation (and then shake us to write it....or, as last option,
writing it)
- doing some regular tests to build the installation guide
- interact with translation teams when time comes to release a new
version of the IG

....and a few more that I probably forget.

In short, help would be appreciated for this, certainly. Samuel
Thibault is doing a fine job keeping an eye on the IG but it would be
good if we could find a dedicated person. We certainly wouldn't leave
you alone with that and you can easily get involved gradually
(proofreading the installation guide, check whether all parts are
still relevant...or if some parts of the install process need more
documentation, etc.)

From your fair description of what you can bring in, Francis, I think
this fits you well...

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